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Copper Fox Contrived

Copper Fox Contrived

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About Us

Copper Fox Contrived was created in the minds of husband and wife (but mostly wife) duo, Kyle and Tiffany Wright. See, Tiffany likes to be crafty and Kyle likes for there not to be paint, flowers, vinyl and wood scraps strewn across the house. So, what is a wife to do? Stop crafting? Throw it all away? Sacrifice her creative outlet, and in turn her sanity, for a tidy home? Hell no! She starts a business and tries to turn a profit. Don’t get me wrong, our home still looks like a craft bomb exploded but husbands tend to complain less if your mess makes money.

We craft everything from wall decor to custom wedding arrangements! So, take a look around and enable me to continue to be a craft addict. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us an email at and we can assist you in placing a custom order!


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