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Our dailyjournalonline.com website is the most visited site within our region. We currently average well over 1.6 million page views and 190,000 unique visitors per month to our website! That is equal to the population of St. Francois and all of the surrounding counties.

Along with the Daily Journal newspaper, we publish four weekly print publications, the ADvantage, Democrat News, Farmington Press and Weekly Real Estate.

We are continually moving forward as technology does with an effort to offer a variety of products that reach an immense audience as well as to educate our local business owners on how to market their businesses.

While we continue to offer a print product with strong readership, we now offer many more opportunities for local businesses. Included in these additional offerings are website building and maintenance as well as a matching mobile compatible site and Face book management services to assist with time savings for local business owners as well as many other cost effective marketing tools. We are moving forward in the Social Media field as experts and currently have over 8,900 likes on our Facebook page.

Today the Daily Journal carries the same mission as always -- to be the primary source of local, national and international news and advertising information to the residents of Southeast Missouri.


Rep/Contact Info

Melissa Bellew
General Manager
Donny Cheatham
Senior Digital Account Executive
Kayleena Jones
Cody McGee
Local Media Manager
Bobby Radford
Maddison Tyree
Advertising Assistant & Inside Sales

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