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A group of volunteer Chamber Investors who assists the Board of Directors in promoting the chamber, recruiting investors, volunteering at Chamber functions, and serves as a public relations and spokesperson for the Chamber.

Ambassadors Committee

Duties include... • Oversees the Ambassador Club • Acts as a liaison between the Ambassadors and the Chamber Board • Assists the Ambassadors with their projects • Continually works to improve the Ambassador Club program and its benefits for both Ambassadors and the Chamber

Banquet Committee

Duties include... • Recommends entertainment for the event • Ensures adequate sponsorship for the event • Recommends a caterer for the event • Recommends nominees for the annual awards • Chooses decorations for the event • Recommends an emcee for the event • Creates an agenda for the event • Any other items necessary for the overall preparation and execution of the event

Board Nominee & Orientation Committee

Duties include... • Selects and recommends potential new board members to the board of directors • Creates and maintains an introduction packet for board nominees • Creates and maintains an orientation booklet for newly elected board members • Hosts and facilitates an orientation for newly elected board members

Board of Directors

A group of 16 individuals currently serving on the Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Building & Property Management Committee

Duties include... • Reviews and addresses Chamber needs in regards to buildings • Manages of all the properties available for sale by the Chamber • Recommends selling prices for Chamber owned properties

Bylaws Committee

Duties include... • Reviews the chambers bylaws as needed for updates • Ensures that the chamber board follows and upholds the bylaws correctly • Makes recommended changes of the bylaws to the board which are ultimately submitted to the investors for voting

Chambers of Commerce

A list of other local Chambers of Commerce and their directors.

Christmas Parade Committee

Duties include... • Selects a theme for the event • Secures sponsorship for the event • Organizes entertainment, vendors, parade entries/line-up, and any other activities pertaining to the event • Secures a Santa Claus for the event • Over-sees securing Santa's transportation in the parade • Assists with decorating the Community Center for the after-parade events • Promotes the event • Judges or secures judging of the float entries

Downtown Park Hills Association

The DPHA is an organization supported by the downtown businesses of Park Hills whose goal is to promote the Central Business District.

Executive Committee

The Board of Directors Executive Committee consists of the chamber officers, President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and Treasurer, the Immediate Past President, and the Executive Director.

Firecracker Run Committee

Duties include... • Determines & marks the course • Secures the timing officials, venue, refreshments, and sponsors • Promotes the event • Assists with set-up, registration, timing, course monitoring, awards distribution, set-up, and clean-up • Other duties as needed

Investor Meetings Committee

Duties include... • Creates the annual schedule of speakers for investor meetings • Plans and facilitates the Chamber’s annual holiday investor meeting in December • Assists with securing locations and caterers for the monthly investor meetings • Recommends ideas for improving or enhancing the monthly investor meetings

Legislative Committee

Duties include... • Generates a healthy climate for economic, business, industrial, and civic growth, and identifies areas of concern • Monitors, evaluates and helps to formulate legislative issues • Evaluates ballot issues that affect local businesses and the community • Makes recommendations to the Chamber Board for endorsements • Is responsible for building relationships and networks between the Chamber and elected officials across all levels of government

Membership Committee

Duties include... • Recruits non-board members to serve as committee members • Reviews current investor benefits eliminating any that become obsolete or unbeneficial • Explores and creates new investor benefits • Communicates awareness of benefits to investors • Recruits new investors • Assists with investor retention

Park Hills IDA

The Park Hills IDA works with the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Department to offer industrial sites for new or expanding industry as well as a variety of commercial sites.

Scholarship Committee

Duties include... • Creates and outlines a scholarship program offered from the Chamber to select Central High School students for attendance at one of our local community colleges • Recruits representatives from Central High School and the local community colleges to serve on the committee • Designs the scholarship guidelines • Coordinates the scholarship program with Central High School and the local community colleges • Ensures funding of the scholarship • Selects the scholarship recipient • Evaluates and recommends improvements for the scholarship program periodically

Trivia Night Committee

Duties include... • Ensures adequate sponsorship for the event • Decides on food for the event • Chooses decorations for the event • Recommends an emcee for the event • Assists with collection of door prizes for the event • Assists with collection of desserts for the event • Secures a wine tasting sponsor for the event • Secures judges for the event • Ensures adequate volunteers for the event • Assists with food preparation for the event • Any other items necessary for the overall preparation and execution of the event

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