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Project: "We Love Our Central Rebel Seniors" Yard Sign

Picture of Project: "We Love Our Central Rebel Seniors" Yard Sign
18" x 24" Full-Color, Double- Sided Yard Sign. FREE Contactless Delivery!
With the recent announcement that all schools are to remain closed for the remainder of this school year, the Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce has created "Project: We Love Our Central Rebel Seniors"!

We want the entire 2020 Central Senior Class to know that we as a community are thinking of them. TOGETHER we are mourning the loss of some very important memories which were to be made during a very important time in every young adult's life. But, TOGETHER, we are also CELEBRATING those Seniors, their accomplishments, and their strengths. Let's show them just how much we care!

The Park Hills – Leadington Chamber of Commerce is offering, for purchase, this this one of a kind, 18" x 24" full-color double-sided, sign to anyone, businesses or individuals, at a cost of just $8.00 each. AND, we will deliver your sign directly to your yard; contact-free! No other company or organization will be offering this one-of-a-kind Central Sign.

Sign up to have one placed in your yard, a loved one’s yard, or at your business! To order, visit our Chamber Store, choose the number of signs you would like to purchase, and pay online with a credit or debit card, someone will deliver the sign to your address. All 100% contact-free! If you would like to purchase a sign to be placed in a loved one's yard, contact us at with the purchaser's name and the preferred delivery address.

We would LOVE to see these signs at every home and business so that our 2020 Central Rebel Seniors will know that we, the Central Rebel Community, are REBEL PROUD and full of LOVE for every single Senior!

We will also be creating a "Project: We Love Our Central Rebel Seniors" Facebook Page where we're hoping everyone will share pictures of their signs, their Seniors, and their Seniors with their signs; as well as share words of encouragement for these young adults during this very uncharted time.

We will be submitting our first order at the end of the day on Friday, April 17, 2020, and making additional orders weekly as needed. Once ordered, you can expect your sign to be placed at the specified address within approximately one week.

We THANK YOU for being a community that cares and one who is such a huge supporter of our Central Students!

**Special thanks to Farmington Signs for helping us to make this project happen!
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