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The Sand Trap Indoor Golf Club

The Sand Trap Indoor Golf Club

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About Us

The Sand Trap Indoor Golf Club is a full-service restaurant and bar with three PGA Endorsed Golf Simulators. Our simulators have putt-putt golf, ski ball, darts, and more.

Golf all year round in our non-smoking facility. Our PGA endorsed Golf Simulators are top of the line and have some of the most popular courses in the world such as Pebble Beach, Coeur D'Alene, and Kiawah Ocean Course.

Our menu includes a variety of favorites including burgers, wings, salads, and appetizers, along with some specialties such as Garlic Fries, Fish & Chips, The Par 3 (pulled pork, ham, AND bacon) and The Albatross Burger which includes ham, bacon, and a fried egg!

We offer private events such as birthday parties, Christmas parties, tournaments, golf leagues, and more. Our plan is to also add private lessons and club fitting.

We provide a unique indoor golf experience not only to the avid golfer but for the entire family!


  • PGA Endorsed Golf Simulators
  • Simulated Ski-Ball
  • Simulated Darts
  • Full Menu
  • Full Bar


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Rep/Contact Info

Kyle Hawkins
Owner/ Manager

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