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Shared Blessings Transitional Housing Ministry

Shared Blessings Transitional Housing Ministry

Human Services

About Us

Shared Blessings Transitional Housing Ministries provides temporary shelter for homeless men, women, and families in St. Francois County, Missouri.

The goal of the ministry is to assist people who are ready to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency in a compassionate, caring, respectful manner

The ministry provides transitional housing for men, women, and children, and admission is based upon application review.

The ministry is organized for the purpose of operating a shelter for homeless individuals and families in the area of St. Francois County, Missouri.

Shared Blessings is not a temporary or emergency, over-night, drop-off shelter, but a transitional housing ministry. The ministry provides a temporary home for the homeless while teaching the skills needed to get a job and live on their own.

The ministry is faith-based and connects people with agencies that can help them with their needs.

The people we provide shelter for are from all walks of life, some have found their way to SFC for the first time. Our goal is to offer a hand up by connecting people with agencies in the county that offer help with gaining employment, medical care, mentoring, housing, etc., as needed.

In addition to providing shelter, Shared Blessings also provides daily care items such as razors, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. Shared Blessings ministry is supported solely by area churches, corporate and individual donations, and gifts from civic and service organizations. We hope that in working together, sharing blessings, we can end homelessness in our community.


  • Temporary shelter for homeless adults, families, and families with children.
  • Transitional housing for men, women, and children.
  • Teaching the skills needed to get a job and live on their own.
  • Connecting people with agencies that can help them with their needs.
  • Providing meals, clothing, and other basic necessities.


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