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Prairie Farms Dairy

Prairie Farms Dairy

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About Us

We are Prairie Farms, and we are proud to be comprised of more than 900 farm families throughout the Midwest. Since 1938, we have been producing high quality products and providing fresh, safe and nutritious milk to you and your family.

Over 700 farms strong, the knowledge and dedication of Prairie Farms’ farm families is represented in our full line of retail and foodservice dairy products. Prairie Farms network of local manufacturing plants and branch offices enables highly efficient, dairy fresh distribution throughout Mid-America and the South. From farm to family... Prairie Farms’ foundation is built upon products of uncompromising quality.


• To increase equity value balanced with organization growth
• To encourage each employee to attain his or her maximum potential
• To simply do what is right – and conduct our business with professional integrity
• To strengthen our competitive edge by embracing the principle of innovation
• To be the leader in high quality products and services


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Gallery Image 27323-8-whipcream-fresh-40prct-qt-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 10001-5-butter-salted-lb-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 78301-0-nulaid-eggs-pt-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 31211-1-ccheese-smcurd-5lb-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 32105-2-sourcream-8oz-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 33110-5-dip-french-onion-16oz-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 34461-7-yogurt-ff-blueberry-4oz-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 34601-7-greek-ff-yog-plain-32oz-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 71360-4-ic-pail-chocolate-4qt-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 72590-4-frznyog-vanilla-hgal-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image 73552-1-sherbet-orange-hgal-960x300.jpg
Gallery Image PF_IceCream_BearMountain_56oz-960x300.jpg
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