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Parkland Hope Center

Parkland Hope Center

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About Us

Hands of Hope of Illinois is a food network and ministry striving to assist in God's business of caring for his children. Our main objective is to share the gospel through the giving of food. In church and places of worship you can read and learn the Gospel. At Hands of Hope of Illinois we live and experience the Gospel every day. Through networking with local business and other food ministries we are able to provide food, clothing, household goods, medical supplies and sometimes building materials to those in need.

The Parkland Hope Center is not a food bank or food pantry but a private community assistance program allowing people both working and not working to obtain food and household items that have been greatly discounted for a small set contribution. It offers a long-term self sufficiency solution to individuals and families struggling to fulfill their basic needs.

We are here to help you. Do you just need prayer? We can do that with you as well!

For just a small annual fee of $5.00 you can come as often as you like and we hope you do! Bring a photo I.D. and fill out an application.


Tuesdays through Fridays 9:00 am to 9:30 am.

While we do provide goods to our missions out of the country, 90% of our products are distributed here in the U.S. We recognize that in many instances we have hungry Americans that either do not qualify or are overlooked by government entities and larger food ministries.


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