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Help Us Understand!

Inquiry about participation in Shop-Opoly.
1. Is your Business/organization Currently Open to the General Public? *
Please include an approximate month and year.
3. Have you heard about the Chamber's new Shop-Opoly game? *
4. If you answered YES to question 3, are you interested in participating?
5. If you answered NO to question 3, are you interested in learning more about the Shop-Opoly game?
7. Are you aware that there are multiple ways to participate; other than requiring players to make a purchase? *
8. If you could participate in Shop-Opoly without requiring the players to visit your business/organization would you be more inclined to participate? *
9. Would offering the Shop-Opoly game closer to the holiday season, in October/November, be of more interest to you? *
10. Please tell us about you.

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