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Weeds, Weeds, and More Weeds! Blog Post by Mayor John Clark

When I was running for office, one of the biggest items on resident’s minds was, and is, the appearance of our community. I am focused on this and am always looking for ways and areas where we can spruce up the community’s appearance.  Many times, it is just a simple thing that makes all the difference.  Weeds are one of those things and have long been an issue for Park Hills. 

The city uses several methods to combat this issue, but most of our approach is just good ole fashioned elbow grease and hard work.  Currently, we have several seasonal employees, working with our Parks Department employees that are weed-eating and mowing all over town.

First and foremost, they focus mainly on our thoroughfares throughout town.  Then we move to side streets, storm drains, and other areas.  In addition to weed-eating and mowing, we also use weed control in some areas that are difficult to maintain.   Needless to say, it is an ongoing problem, and weed season is in full swing right now!  Just keeping up is a difficult task.

So what can residents and property owners do to help?  One thing is maintaining your property, all the way to the street.  As I drive around town, I see many yards well maintained and mowed, but the area between the sidewalk and curb growing up with weeds.  If our good citizens would take this extra step to help out, it would go a long, long way in improving the appearance of our town.  I know some people are not capable of physically doing this work, so if you have a neighbor that possibly can’t do it, then maybe you could help out and offer to do it for them.  Or possibly, you could adopt an area of your neighborhood.  Currently, my neighbor and I maintain a section at the entrance to our subdivision.  He mows and I pick up the trash.  It doesn’t take long and it goes a long way in keeping things up on our street.

The appearance of our community can go a long way in helping out with other issues as well.  First, is property values, second is crime.  A well-kept area is not attractive to criminals, so it’s a win, win.  Taking care of your property can go a long way in improving things overall for our entire town.

Something you may have noticed recently that has spruced things up is the new Minecart Flower Planters in downtown.  This was a joint effort between the Park Hills Old #9 Garden Club, Central High School, and Middle School Industrial Arts classes, The Park Hills Downtown Association, The City of Park Hills, and Hulsey Properties.  They have been planted and hopefully will provide a nice showing all summer.  I want to say thank you to all involved!  They look great and really go a long way to spruce up our downtown area!  A good example of people working together to get the job done.

Finally, I feel great things are happening in Park Hills, but it is going to take all of us pulling together to make it happen.  Again, many times it is a simple thing that makes the biggest difference.  Please help us by doing your part! 

Thank you!

John Clark

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  Teddy Roosevelt

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