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The Magic Shop Presents Magic Class

Learn the Secrets of Magic at The Magic Shop!

The Magic Shop in Park Hills is excited to announce the launch of our upcoming Magic Classes, where aspiring magicians of all ages can learn the art of enchantment and master the secrets of magic tricks!

Starting on March 2, 2024, The Magic Shop will be hosting a series of captivating magic classes that will take participants on an extraordinary journey into the realm of illusions. Each class will focus on a different aspect of magic, ensuring that students acquire a well-rounded education in the mystical arts.

The schedule for the Magic Classes is as follows:

  • March 2: How to Make Objects Disappear!
  • March 16: All Tied Up in Rope Magic!
  • March 23: Pick a Card, Any Card!
  • April 6: The Classics of Magic!
  • April 13: I Know What You’re Thinking!
  • April 20: Student Magic Show
All classes will be held on Saturday mornings from 11 am until 12 noon, allowing participants to kickstart their weekends with a touch of enchantment. The Magic Shop welcomes magicians of all ages, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

To ensure a personalized learning experience, class sizes will be limited, so early registration is highly recommended. Each class is priced at $49.95 per student and payment is due upon registration. As part of the Magic Classes package, participants will receive professional instruction, props, and a Certificate of Completion to showcase their newly acquired magical skills.

Additionally, all students will enjoy a 20% discount on purchases made at The Magic Shop, allowing them to expand their magical repertoire with high-quality props and accessories.

As a highlight of the Magic Classes, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their newfound skills in a Student Magic Show. This is an optional event and there is no obligation to participate. Those who choose to perform will have a chance to captivate an audience with their stunning illusions and claim the title of a true magician!

Registration for the Magic Classes is open at The Magic Shop, located at 323 West Main, Park Hills. Interested individuals can register in person between noon and 5 pm from Wednesday to Friday, or between noon and 3 pm on Saturdays. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to unlock the secrets of magic!

There are only a limited number of openings for each class!

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