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Serenity’s Staff Caught Clowning Around!

Spreading sunshine and joy is just one of the things the Serenity HospiceCare staff does on a regular basis in the areas they serve.  Normally in the course of their business, Serenity’s nurses, social workers, CNA’s and chaplains take care of patients with life-limiting illnesses.  They take care of their medical needs, minister to their spiritual needs, and help them achieve the quality of life they want with the time they have left.

But right now, Serenity’s staff is spreading sunshine and joy in another way!  Why?  Because we believe a time full of doubt and fear is the best time to spread love and joy.

This week, Serenity Staff brought smiles and laughs to many nursing home residents who needed some love and joy.  This is a hard time for many nursing home residents that cannot get visits from their family and friends.  In an effort to cheer up these residents, Serenity staff put on a fun circus outside their windows.  The staff had a great time clowning around and getting some laughs, performing great acts like juggling, dancing, and hula hoop tricks.  The circus ring leader brought a ferocious lion/dog who got a lot of attention along with games and circus snacks that were delivered to all of the residents.   

“Although none of our staff are true circus performers, the smiles and laughs we received from the residents were worth every minute”, says Beth Simmons, Director of Marketing for Serenity HospiceCare. 

Below are some of the comments we received through Social Media:

“ A very special thank you to Serenity HospiceCare for bringing the Circus to Georgian Gardens today! We saw hula hoopers, a juggler, dancers, and an actual LION! (Don’t tell MoJo he’s just a dog. He has the heart of a lion and that’s all that matters!) They caused SO many smiles and laughs, even from the ones that were grumpy to be woken up! ?? It didn’t take long for them to forgive us for opening the blinds! It’s not every day that the circus comes to town!!

Thank you to Serenity Hospice Care for bringing the circus to Camelot! Their time with us was filled with fun games, circus theme snacks, cute clowns and lots of smiles ?????? Let’s not forget about their lion tamer and ferocious lion! It was quite a show!” 

For more information on Serenity HospiceCare visit us online at or find us on Facebook.

About Serenity HospiceCare
Serenity HospiceCare was established in 1989 and is the area’s only independent, not-for-profit hospice organization providing expert end-of-life care to all, regardless of their ability to pay. We are proud to be the community resource for expert care and counseling for life’s final chapter, helping patients and their families find peace by offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support. For more information, contact Serenity HospiceCare at 800-876-0162, or 573-431-0162 or visit us online at

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