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Ribbon Cutting for the New Elvins Park Pavilion & Picnic Tables

The City of Park Hills celebrated the completion of the new Elvins Pavilion with a Park Hills – Leadington Chamber of Commerce hosted Ribbon Cutting today.

Park Hills Mayor John Clark and City Administrator Mark McFarland were joined by Jesse Evans (Environmental Specialist for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources), Jim Pierce (Plant Manager of MOCAP), various City employees, members of the City’s Parks Department, and Chamber Investors to officially announce the completion of the new pavilion.

The pavilion was donated by MOCAP. When the Park Hills industry began their most recent expansion, they no longer had the space for the pavilion, so they contacted McFarland to see if the city had a use for it. It was then decided that the pavilion would be a great addition to Elvins Park and the soon-to-be-installed “Paula’s Playground”. Members of the Parks Departments disassembled, moved, and then reassembled the pavilion.

The city then applied for the Department of Natural Resources 2021 Scrap Tire Surface Material Grant (see info about the grant below) in hopes of furnishing the pavilion with picnic tables. The grant was awarded, and the city received 9 tables made entirely of recycled tires.

The tables were recently installed, and the project is now complete. Mayor Clark was honored to present both Jesse Evans (DNR) and Jim Pierce (MOCAP) with appreciation plaques during today’s ribbon cutting event and expressed the City’s gratitude to DNR, MOCAP, and the Parks Department for each of their contributions to the project. With the new one, there are now three pavilions available for use during regular park hours, all of which may be reserved for private parties or events by calling City Hall.

Ribbon Cutting Photo - Pictured from Left to Right

Tracy Fisher – holding the ribbon (Park Hills Municipal Court Clerk & City Ex-Officio for the Chamber), Jim Pierce (MOCAP), Mark McFarland (Park Hills City Administrator), Joshua Kennon (PHL Chamber Ambassador), Mayor John Clark, Jesse Evans (DNR), Samantha Vaughn – holding the scissors (Park Hills City Collector), Frank Shovlin (Park Hills Utility Director), Dustin Kopp (KFMO/B104 Radio), Ronni Conley (PHL Chamber 2nd Vice President), Kenny Marler (Park Hills Parks Department), Terry Cole (Park Hills Parks Director),  Josh Wilkerson (DNR), Charlie Naucke – holding the ribbon (Park Hills Parks Department)



About the Scrap Tire Surface Material Grant

During the 2019 legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly reauthorized the 50-cent scrap tire fee applied to the retail sale of every new tire. Up to 45% of the revenues generated from this scrap tire fee is authorized for use to fund grants to develop scrap tire markets or encourage scrap tire use in creating new products. Scrap tires are often ground into shreds and crumb rubber for use in various applications.

The department supports and promotes using recycled scrap tires through surface material grants for different surfacing projects or molded products. These grants fund the cost and delivery of scrap tire material for the following uses:

  • Non-Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants - Running tracks, walking trails, equine/ livestock stalls/ riding areas, benches, picnic tables, and other projects.
  • Playground Scrap Tire Surface Material Grants - Playground mats or surfaces only.

The department offers and awards grants each year. Grant recipients must execute a Financial Assistance Agreement with the department before beginning any work on an approved grant project. For more information about scrap tire surface material grants, please contact the department’s Waste Management Program.

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