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Missouri Department of Labor Offers FREE Virtual On-Site Inspection

Need safety expert advice as you reopen your business? Concerned about your customers and employees health and safety during this pandemic? The Missouri On-site Safety and Health Consultation Program is ready to help you return to work! Contact us for a free COVID-19 mitigation or OSHA compliance consultation. We also offer virtual consultation visits - if your facility is not quite ready to open to visitors, we can still provide the consultation services you need.

  • COVID-19 Assistance – We understand both employees and employers are apprehensive about returning to work under these new and challenging circumstances that continue to evolve. We can provide recommendations on COVID-19 using the latest OSHA/CDC guidance that includes, but not limited to, risk assessments, social distancing, and engineering controls to adjust workstations. We believe implementing these measures will not only help decrease employee exposure to COVID-19, but will also aid in easing apprehension related to returning to work. 
  • Hazard Assistance – Have all the hazards at my facility been identified?  Is the abatement for these hazards adequate? We can perform a walk through and help you identify hazards you may have missed and ensure adequate abatement is in place.
  • OSHA 300 logs questions - We will look for possible errors and assist in determining if a case is recordable.
  • Review of OSHA site-specific written programs – Do you have an emergency action plan in place? Lockout/Tagout Program? Respiratory Program? These types of programs may be required by OSHA. Send your documents to our consultants and we will check for compliance and help you create a well-rounded program.
  • Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) - SHMSs have been proven to make a dramatic impact on decreasing injuries and illnesses. Let our consultants assist you in the development of a SHMS.
  • FREE Air and Noise Sampling – Ever wonder if the noise in my workplace too loud? Are my employees being overexposed to the air contaminants? We can provide air and noise sampling at your facility at no cost.
If we can be of any assistance, please contact us at 573-522-SAFE or at

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