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Park Hills - Leadington Chamber Awards Scholarships to Four Central High School Graduates

The Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is excited to announce the award of four scholarships to 2020 Central High School Graduates! Chamber Board Members amended the program to award scholarships to four graduating seniors in 2020, up from one recipient in years past.

Each recipient will receive a $500 scholarship to use at one of our three local colleges or universities.

Alicia Robbins 

Alicia is the daughter of Dan and Tracy Robbins. She will be using her scholarship for fall enrollment at Mineral Area College where she intends to study radiology.
In her application essay, Alicia explains that being born with a heart murmur initiated her drive to become a radiology technician. She explained that radiologic technology was instrumental in helping her parents to understand her condition, giving her inspiration to offer the same skills and advice to other parents and patients about the medical situations they are facing. Alicia stressed how important it is to make her future patients feel uplifted and positive during their interactions with her. She hopes to make the process and the data, which is often confusing, more simplified for her patients.
Alicia goes on to explain her goal to learn new and innovative technology, while always seeking to find the newest solutions for obtaining the best possible results. Alicia is looking forward to hands-on experiences 
during her time at MAC, including visiting radiological facilities, job shadowing, and consulting with current radiology professionals.

Alicia is a member of the National Honor Society, the Pep Club, History Club, and Spanish Club. She also serves as a student leader for her youth group at The Bridge Church. Alicia is an ambitious young lady with a strong desire to reach the impressive goals that she has set for herself.

Chelsea Sciortino 

Chelsea is the daughter of Melissa Sciortino. She will be using her scholarship for fall enrollment at Mineral Area College where she will be attending classes in the nursing program. She has already begun preparing for the program by completing some of the needed courses during her last year of high school.
Chelsea plans to complete her prerequisites and general studies before entering the nursing program. Her goal is to attend MAC’s two-year nursing program in hopes of becoming a Registered Nurse and eventually a nurse practitioner.
In her application essay, Chelsea notes her younger sister’s traumatic brain injury as the reason for her desire to pursue nursing. She explained that an accident left her sister with less than a 5% chance of survival. With around the clock care from nurses and medical professionals, her sister was able to overcome the devastating incident, which left a lasting effect on Chelsea. She notes that she too desires the ability to leave the same amazing impact on other’s lives. Chelsea hopes to one day have an impact on her community by donating her time to urgent care centers and health departments which make healthcare affordable for low-income families.
Chelsea is a member of the National Honor Society and DECA. She is also employed as a waitress and carhop. Chelsea is a dedicated young woman with a caring heart, and an obvious aspiration to help those in need.

Tyler Phares 

Tyler is the son of Wade and Valerie Phares. He will be using his scholarship for fall enrollment at Mineral Area College where he will work to obtain his Associate of Arts degree. He plans to attend MAC for two 
years, after which, he hopes to transfer to Central Methodist University or SEMO State University to obtain an education in teaching and coaching.

In his application essay, Tyler credits influential teachers and inspirational coaches as the motivation for his career goals. He notes that the teachers you meet while growing up truly change your life and are remembered for a lifetime. As an athlete himself, Tyler aspires to eventually coach basketball or baseball. He mentions the optimism and positive criticism he received from one particular coach; a lasting impression that gives him the drive to be an impactful coach.
Tyler has a strong desire to give back to the community that, he says, has given him everything. He hopes to one-day present future generations with some of the same guidance and influence he was given.
Tyler is a member of the National Honor Society, FCA, and the Central Basketball team. He is also involved with his church’s mission trips. Tyler is a young man with a passion to be a positive influence and the knowledge to be successful.

Emily Rasnic 

Emily is the daughter of Tara and Chad Rasnic. She will be using her scholarship for fall enrollment at Mineral Area College where she plans to begin working on her goal of becoming a Pediatric Nurse. Emily has extensive educational goals which include attending classes at MAC to obtain her Associate's Degree in effort to become a Radiologic Technologist, followed by continued education at a larger college with the hope of obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing which will allow her to become a Pediatric Nurse.
In her application essay, Emily attributes her motivation to become a nurse to her passion for helping people and desire to improve lives. She references personal experiences during her stay at the hospital following injuries as a child, noting that she aspires to ensure that children feel comfortable and confident with her care during their stay.
Emily is also driven to ensure that children without easy access to medical care receive the same standards of care as those with excellent access. She feels that all children deserve to feel comfortable in their nurse’s care and should leave their visit happy, healthy, and fully recovered.

Emily is a member of the National Honor Society, Art Club, History Club, Science Club, and Spanish Club. She is also employed as a part-time daycare worker. Emily is an inspiring young woman with big dreams and the determination needed to fulfill those dreams.
Each recipient of a Park Hills – Leadington Chamber of Commerce Scholarship receives a $500 scholarship. Scholarships may be used at any of the following higher education facilities: Mineral Area College, Central Methodist University, or Missouri Baptist University. The scholarship requirements outline the importance of being an active member of your community and require that the scholarship recipient attends one Chamber of Commerce Investor Meeting and volunteers at one Chamber Signature Event such as the Annual Firecracker Run or Sweetheart Trivia Night.
The Park Hills – Leadington Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Program is funded by our Elite Partners, our Chamber Investors, funds raised during our Signature Events, and donations from members of our community.
We are honored to have the opportunity to assist each of these students with their continuing education goals and look forward to seeing each of them achieve their career dreams.

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