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Missouri Rural Water Association recognized Park Hills Apprentices.

National Apprenticeship Week is November 15-21 this year. Missouri Rural Water Association celebrated by spotlighting different water/wastewater industries and their enrolled apprentices each day of this week.

In their spotlight, they also shared some of that entity's director's thoughts on how the program impacts their employees, how the program will impact the future of the water/wastewater industry, and some words of encouragement for those who may be considering apprenticeship for your system.

On Wednesday, the 17th, their spotlight was on the Park Hills Water/Wastewater Department and its apprentices.

Utility Director, Frank Shovlin answered their questions as follows:

How does the program impact your employees?

"I think it gives the employee a better look at things going to these classes. It gives them a chance to start a networking opportunity. It is great to see the employees come back from classes and share things with the other guys in their department that they have learned or didn’t know about."  
What are your thoughts on the program and how it impacts the future of the industry?

"I have taught certification classes for water and wastewater and this program gives so much more to the operators."
Any words for someone who is debating whether to put someone into the program?

"If you are thinking about what to do about this program, all I can say is don’t think about it, DO IT! You will change someone's life!"

Congratulations to all our apprentices and our Utility Department for this recognition. Wishing you all a Happy National Apprenticeship Week! We appreciate you!

Pictured from left to right:

  • Justin Owens, Wastewater Apprentice (Delta Regional Class of 2022)
  • Eric Marler, Water Apprentice (Delta Regional Class of 2022)
  • Park Hills Mayor John Clark
  • Park Hills Utilities Director Frank Shovlin
  • John Franks, Wastewater Apprentice (Delta Regional Class of 2022)

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