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City of Park Hills Annual Holiday House & Business Decorating Contest

The City of Park Hills is once again holding its annual Holiday House & Business Decorating Contest! 

Homes and Businesses will be judged separately between December 13th and December 17th. All homes and businesses inside the city limits are eligible to participate unless they were a winner in 2019 or 2020.

There is no entry fee or registration is required for either contest. If you wish to be considered, simply have your display lit up during the evenings of December 13th through December 17th

Home Decorating Contest

This year, the final winners will be chosen by the Community! Council Members will each choose TWO favorite HOMES to submit for public voting on the City’s Facebook Page. There will be four homes per ward in the contest.

Beginning on December 20th, you can vote by visiting the City's Facebook Page and clicking “LIKE” on the photo of the home you think is best decorated for the holiday. On December 27th, the homes with the most “LIKES” (one home from each ward) will win $50.

Business Decorating Contest

Similarly, City Council members will also each be choosing one BUSINESS within the city limits of Park Hills to submit as their favorite. There will be a total of eight businesses in the contest.

Facebook users will again be able to vote, beginning December 20th, by simply visiting the City's Facebook Page and clicking “LIKE” on the photo of the business they feel is dressed best in its holiday decor. The business with the highest number of “LIKES” on December 27th will be the first-place winner and will receive $100, while the business with the second-highest number of “LIKES” will take second-place and receive $50.


Winners from the past two years will NOT be eligible to win again in 2021 for either the House Decorating or Business Decorating.

Previous Residential Winners (Ineligible for 2021)
  • Ward 1 - 2019: 708 Missouri | 2020: 800 Missouri
  • Ward 2 - 2019: 409 National | 2020: 100 First
  • Ward 3 - 2019: 602 West Main | 2020: 504 Westwood
  • Ward 4 - 2019: 106 Hovis Farm | 2020: 306 S. Shaw
Previous Business Winners (Ineligible for 2021)
  • Katydid’s Coffee and Vintage Treasures, 227 West Main Street
  • Hagerty Insurance, 517 East Main Street
  • Corner of Deals, 201 East Main Street
  • The Factory Diner Park Hills, 239 West Main Street

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