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Attention Local Businesses: Beware of Misleading Offer

PARK HILLS, MO — In a recent development, the Park Hills – Leadington Chamber of Commerce and the City of Park Hills would like to caution local businesses against a potential advertising opportunity being presented by a company named Town Hall Guide, promoting a new resident guide for the area.
Unlike the initiatives organized by the Park Hills – Leadington Chamber of Commerce, the City of Park Hills, or the City of Leadington, Town Hall Guide is not affiliated with any of these local entities. It has come to our attention that this company, based in Cincinnati, is soliciting advertisements from local businesses for their new resident guide.
We wish to emphasize that Town Hall Guide is not a local company and does not possess a valid local business license within our community. This raises concerns about the allocation of advertising dollars outside our region. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the advertised guides are indeed being delivered to new residents as claimed.
Tamara Coleman, Executive Director of the Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce, expressed her concerns about this situation. "We take the promotion and support of our local businesses seriously. It's crucial for our community to be cautious and well-informed when considering advertising opportunities."
Local businesses are encouraged to verify the authenticity of any advertising proposals they receive and to exercise due diligence before committing any resources. If you have any doubts or questions about advertising opportunities related to the Park Hills community, please reach out to the Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce directly.
We urge local businesses to stay vigilant and make informed decisions when considering advertising opportunities. Together, we can ensure the continued prosperity of our community.

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